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Strategic Advisory

Our aim is to bring strategy out of the 'big end of town' to the SME sector.

Our executives have studied strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship in business schools here in Australia and internationally.

They have applied strategy and business planning in Senior Executive roles in industry both for profit and the not-for-profit sector.

A successful strategy and effective implementation are essential for success.

Strategy is not a ‘one off’ – it should be seen as continuous business imperative as changes in demand growth, industry structure and competition occur over the business’s life cycle.

“Strategy is the great work of the organisation.   In situations of life or death, it is the Tao of survival or extinction.   It’s study cannot be neglected.”

–  Sun Tzu, the Art of War.


Our experienced strategy advisors will work with your leaders to understand your business including financials, customers, internal processes and people.    We will work with your team to understand your SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and your current strategy and business model.  Our advisors will review your aims and undertake an independent assessment of the market demand and supply to understand key trends.     We will review your current and target competitiveness and your unique competitive advantage.   We will conduct strategy sessions with your senior leaders and collate customer and people surveys.

Our services include :

Initial data collection

and surveys to understand the business ‘as is’

Review and assessment

of client data as well as the business environment – micro & macro

Strategy Workshops

Initial session with CEO or Founders as well as Leadership Team strategy workshops.

Planning sessions

to create the elements of the Strategic Plan

One Page Strategy Map

Creation of a One Page Strategy Map with objectives, KPI’s & targets

Three Year business roadmap

with detailed initiatives plan and accountabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

You should tailor the metrics to suit your key business drivers.  There does not need to be too many and they should cover financial and non financial KPI’s.   You should also ensure that you have lead and lag indicators within the mix.

In our experience all businesses should have a detailed budget & cashflow forecast.   The budget should be an articulation of the strategic plan and objectives for the business.  We translate these business objectives into a financial model that is tangible and allows you to understand the key levers driving growth and increased shareholder value in your business.

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